Thinking Godspousery is For You? Read This.

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Adventures in Vanaheim

It has come to my attention that there are certain individuals who seem to believe that coercing a deity into a spousal relationship (assuming it’s even possible) is a good idea. One such individual posted at The Cauldron forum today, bemoaning the fact that they “want Loki to love [them]”, were “looking up new rituals I could use to try to marry Loki and become a godspouse” and  that they were “overcome with jealousy” because they had read about another person’s detailed experiences with Loki.

I did write my own response to this, but TC member Darkhawk said it with way more eloquence than I ever could, so I am posting the entire response here (with permission):

Okay, first thing: back the everliving fuck up and get a grip. You sound like a teenager who wants to know what spells to use to get Tom Cruise to marry her…

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How Godspousery can affect a Marriage

Absolutely helpful — thank you for this post. I actually was thinking about this topic today, how one would balance a human marital or partner relationship with a similar relationship with a deity.

PBP: G is for “godspousery”

Beloved in Light

While I don’t care for the term godspouse, it is perhaps one of the most well known terms to describe the mystic relationship that develops between the soul of a human and the god the soul belongs to. Plato describes the act of Eros on the soul, and myth often shows Eros (or Aphrodite) acting to play the matchmaker between human souls and the gods. Of course most of this is regarded as nothing more than mythic generation of heroes etc, but these myths also serve as an important spiritual dialogue to our souls to take root with the love inspired in the soul. Ten years ago when I first started down this path in my relationship with Apollon, you could throw a rock and be quite unlikely to ever come close to hitting another godspouse. Now I am feeling inclined to write on this subject for my pagan blog…

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Setup & Decorating

I do plan to post actual posts here! After deleting my old WordPress blogs, because I was bored with them, I realized just how much time I put into “decorating” them — setting up and customizing the theme and such. So, that’s pretty much the blog-stage where I currently find myself — decorating *laughs*. More substantive posts will be posted soon, so, please, don’t give up on me! 🙂

2013 Arabian Leopard Camera Trap Photos

Amazing camera-trap shots….

Lawrence Ball │ Conservation Science

Gliding in an overpowered local fishing boat along the coastline, above the tropical blue ocean, I couldn’t help but feel the odds weren’t on our side. With an estimated population of only 50 individuals in an area spanning 99,000 square kilometres; what were the chances of us finding this elusive big cat in a single dry river valley. Lawrence D Ball

Arabian Leopard

Earlier this year, a team of pretty ordinary folk managed to get footage of one of the rarest cats in the world. Not only that, but they collected data on birds, reptiles, insects and a variety of other mammals (including some pretty special ones). They met and worked with some brilliant Omani scientists and rangers, lived in one of the most pristine and beautiful Wadi’s in the whole of Arabia, and made a giant collective leap toward preserving it for the future. James Borrell


The expedition is located on an area of special importance for…

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